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Cow’s milk allergy and TAR Syndrome

 Cow’s milk allergy has been associated with TAR syndrome. In case of cow’s milk allergy the child, and possibly the breast-feeding mother, needs a dairy-free diet. 

Please note that a dairy-free diet always shall be discussed with a doctor.

Milk features in our diet in many forms – butter, cream, cheese and yoghurt, or as a drink in various ways. Milk is also added to a lot of products to enrich them. Components of milk can also be used in manufacturing. It is sometimes difficult to understand whether a product contains cow’s milk or not. The following web sites provide information about cow’s milk allergy and how to cook without dairy products.

Links to the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (www.foodallergy.org)
Tips for Managing a Milk Allergy
Frequently Asked Questions
IMPORTANT INFORMATION from the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network:
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Links to the Lactose Intolerance & Milk Allergy Web Site (www.lactose.co.uk)
Lactose Intolerance & Milk Allergy
Watch out for hidden milk products!
IMPORTANT INFORMATION from the Lactose Intolerance & Milk Allergy Web Site: 
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