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How can we help you?

It is devastating to discover that your child has a rare medical condition and, as parents of children with TAR syndrome, we recognise the need for information and emotional support.

Aims of TAR Syndrome Support Group:

  • To offer support to families affected by TAR syndrome
  • To raise awareness of TAR syndrome with professionals and other interested individuals.
  • To link families in similar situations and areas.
  • To give new families hope for their children’s future through the shared experiences of older children in the group.
  • To share information on equipment, benefits, relevant support organisations, etc.
  • Support families through increasing public awareness of TAR syndrome by raising funds, organising events and publishing literature. 

About this Web site


The aims of this Web site (www.ivh.se/TAR/) are to provide information on the TAR syndrome, in order to offer support to families affected by the syndrome and to increase public awareness of the TAR syndrome, and to inform about the TAR Syndrome Support Group, based in the United Kingdom.


The content provided on, or linked to, this Web site is for general information purposes only and is not intended to substitute a personal consultation with medical professionals. Site visitors are urged to contact a doctor for specific information regarding their personal health condition, diagnosis and medical treatment.

Although we carefully review and select the material on our Web site, and attempt to maintain updated information, neither the TAR Syndrome Support Group nor the site administrators, can guarantee its accuracy, nor can we assume liability for the content of Web sites linked to our site.  

Ownership, funding and advertising policy

This Web site is owned by the TAR Syndrome Support Group. The Web server space and all costs are fully funded by IVH Institutet för Vård- & Hälsopsykologi AB, Sweden.

Advertisements are not allowed on this Web site. The TAR Syndrome Support Group does not receive any support from advertising or biopharmaceutical corporations or medical equipment manufacturers for content on the site. Any inclusion of brand name of medications, medical devices or any other products in the material on our own site, or on other sites that we provide links to, does not imply endorsement by the TAR Syndrome Support Group.

Privacy policy

The TAR Syndrome Support Group undertake to honour the legal requirements of medical/health information privacy that apply in Sweden, where the Web site server is located.

The TAR Syndrome Support Group respects privacy and will not share, sell, distribute, or otherwise release any personal information you may provide in communication with us, unless we have received your explicit approval to do so. We do not collect visiting information on this site.

Any personal information published on our Web site, for example ”Personal stories”, are made with the explicit consent by the person concerned. Consent given may at any time be withdrawn and the information will then immediately be removed from our site.  


All pages, documents, photographs, and graphics on this Web site (with URLs beginning http://www.ivh.se/TAR) are protected by copyright under Swedish, British and other foreign laws (including the United States). This copyright notice does not apply to material on other Web sites linked to this one.

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Site administrators and Webmaster

This Web site is administrated and edited by Erik Wennström, Ph.D. (Faculty of Medicine), licensed psychologist, and Kerstin Wennström, licensed psychologist and registered nurse. Erik and Kerstin are both members of the TAR Syndrome Support Group. 

To make a comment or suggestion for how we can improve our Web site, please send e-mail to the Webmaster: erik.wennstrom@ivh.se

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